Outstaffing Support

For Accounting Firms

Full Time At Just $699

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Lined Corporate SEO Optimization Scene
Lined Corporate SEO Optimization Scene
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What is outstaffing?

Offshore Staffing + Outsourcing = Outstaffing

Outstaffing Solution is a unique combination of 2 traditional ways in which any accounting firm can outsource. In outstaffing you have a dedicated staff who works from our office, in addition to that, The work of the assigned Staff is always reviewed before the same is sent to you.

Lined Corporate SEO Optimization Scene
Lined Corporate SEO Optimization Scene

Best Quality at Lowest Rate


Experienced Bookkeepers to fullfill all your clients bookkeeping needs.

Tax Preparers

Team members have rich knowledge of Tax Laws.


Accountants can handle very complex accounting situations.

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Our 3 Core Values

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Ensuring utmost security of Data shared by putting all the possible measures.

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Best Quality of service by imparting training to the team members as well as proper reviews.

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Lowest Rate

We are committed to providing the service at a lowest rate.

As we serve only Accounting firms, we know their Problems and more than that we know the solutions to them!

What Makes us More Special!

Only Accounting Firms

We deal only with Accounting, Bookkeeping, and CPA Firms so we know exactly what they need!

Weekly Calls / Chat

Hop on a weekly call with the team to stay on top of things and ensure everything is working as per your needs. Chat on Teams/ Slack as required!

Free Task Management Tool

We have built a task management tool that is absolutely free. its your choice if you would like to use any other

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Simple Pricing


Approx $4 per Hour



Full Time

Part Time

Semi Part Time







40 Hours a Week

20 Hours a Week

10 Hours a Week

Is’nt our pricing lower then a pizza party?

Still Thinking?





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